Board of Directors

Our leaders at ACL exemplify all of the qualities that make our members extraordinary: integrity, expertise, and a commitment to service


Honorary President

U.S. Ambassador to Portugal

Executive Committee

Anne De Albuquerque Taylor


Amy Herrick


Cristóvão Cunha

Vice President and Secretary

Elected Directors

Mariana Abrantes de Sousa

ACL Awards Director

Ana Lamas

John Gale

Appointed Directors

José Miguel Júdice

Appointed Legal Counselor

Jorge Marrão

Appointed Fiscal Counselor

António Rebelo Sousa

Senior Advisor

Peter D. Andreoli

U.S. Embassy Representative

Camilo Lourenço

Speaker Coordinator

João Pestana Dias

Public Affairs and Communications  Director

Patrick Siegler-Lathrop

Second Vice President

Conselho Fiscal

Artur Lami


Agostinho Pereira Miranda

Jorge Fonseca

Presidents Emeritus

Edward Kane

Blaine Tavares

Charles Buchanan

John Scott Johnson

Our Sponsors

American Club of Lisbon

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