Guest Speakers 2009


January 20 João Rendeiro
Former banker
Subject: Spoke about financial markets, his experience as a banker, his book and his view as to the impact of new US president will have on current financial turmoil.
February 12 Pedro Passos Coelho
Former leader of JSD; Business Man
Subject: Reformas da Política Pública
March 17 Carlos Manuel Ribeiro
CEO of Siemens Portugal
Subject: A Razão do Sucesso da Siemens em Tempo de Crise
March 24 Pedro Santana Lopes
Candidate to Mayor of Lisbon
Subject: Campaign: Cinco Sentidos para Lisboa
April 30 Paulo Portas
President of CDS-PP
Subject: Soluções para o Futuro de Portugal
May 28 Paulo Rangel
PSD Candidate to the European Parliament
Subject: Europa, Portugal e os Novos Poderes
June 23 António Costa
Mayor of Lisbon
Subject: Lisboa: Ontem, Hoje e Amanhã
July 7 Jorge Coelho
CEO of Mota-Engil
Subject: Lisboa: Problemas Globais – Soluções Globais?
September 24 Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa
Political Analyst and University Professor
Subject: The upcoming local and legislative elections
October 1 Panel about local elections
Isaltino Morais (independent candidate and current mayor); Isabel Meirelles (PPD-PSD/PPM/CDS-PP candidate); Marcos Perestrello (PS)
Subject: The local elections in Oeiras
October 21 Nuno Rogeiro
Political Analyst
Subject: Lições de Eleições
November 3 Henrique Medina Carreira
Conference and book launching – this was an evening event and did not include a meal
Subject: Portugal, Que Futuro? (Conference organized in conjunction with Objectiva Editora)
November 17 António Barreto
Sociologist, President of the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation
Subject: As reformas difíceis

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