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Association of American Clubs


The Association of American Clubs (AAC) is an alliance of American Clubs, Societies, and Associations worldwide that shares useful information and provides reciprocal membership benefits.

AAC members share the common goals of representing American spirit and culture, and fostering mutual understanding and friendship between their respective host countries and the United States.


The Association was founded in Hamburg, Germany, in 2003 at the 1st Conference of Presidents of American Clubs (COPAC)

2nd COPAC was held in Hamburg, Germany, in October 2004. Blaine W. Tavares attended this conference as President of the American Club of Lisbon. All the Presidents present had their hotel, breakfast and dinner paid for by sponsors as well as having the tickets to the 100th Anniversary Gala of the American Club of Hamburg (175 people attended in full gala attire). Many thanks to sponsors UPS, Montblanc, and BMW. In 2003 all the clubs signed a reciprocity agreement, which is still in effect with the original 14 clubs and the additional three, who joined in 2004.

3rd COPAC was held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from October 13-16 2005. Sixteen clubs were represented, mostly European, but also from Sydney and Bogota. Blaine represented the American Club of Lisbon at this. She reiterated the importance of the Reciprocity Agreement, which allows members to attend events at other signatory AC's at member prices.

The 4th COPAC was held in October of 2006 in Hamburg. Blaine W. Tavares representing the American Club of Lisbon. A few more clubs joined the ranks of the Association of American Clubs.

The 5th COPAC was held in London, 18-21 Otober 2007. The main issue discussed was the kick-off of the AAC website.

The 6th COPAC was held in Hamburg (October 16-18 2008)

The 2009 COPAC was held in Bogotá, Colombia.

The 2010 COPAC meeting was held in Madrid, Spain in 2010.

The 2011 COPAC meeting was held in Monaco in 2011.


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